Monday, June 22, 2009

More Alberta Photos

This is at Galaxy Land in the West Edmonton Mall.
It's a game where targets light up, and you have 20 seconds to hit all of them!
Dad tried to beat me but he didn't!

I Love The Mountains.

Here is Mom and Dad.

And Lorne, Naomi and Eve.

I Love This One!

And This One.
Galaxy Land again...
Me and Naomi are on a roller coaster that spins as you ride,
and in the back ground is the Mind Bender that does 3 flips.
Oh man that was awesome! We went on that one first.

Me and Danny are on a big flying boat.

And here is the gondola in Banff.

I think this is a good picture.
Here we are at Lake Louise, and Jerry is trying to catch some small fish.

That's all for now. I will post some more later.
Bye For Now ~~~~Justin


David said...

You've got some pretty nice pictures there buddy.
I think the mountains were probably more fun than the Mall Eh??

JustinB said...

I Don't No About That..........What Do You Like More?

David said...

Im sure I'd have more fun at the mountains.......Although Ive never been to West Edmonton Mall.....

Jonathan said...

Wow! you sure live in a nice place. Texas has very few mountains, all we really have is a small bit of the Rockies FAR west but that's it. Very cool pics!


Jonathan said...

my new blog "Histories of Hymns"