Monday, June 22, 2009

More Alberta Photos

This is at Galaxy Land in the West Edmonton Mall.
It's a game where targets light up, and you have 20 seconds to hit all of them!
Dad tried to beat me but he didn't!

I Love The Mountains.

Here is Mom and Dad.

And Lorne, Naomi and Eve.

I Love This One!

And This One.
Galaxy Land again...
Me and Naomi are on a roller coaster that spins as you ride,
and in the back ground is the Mind Bender that does 3 flips.
Oh man that was awesome! We went on that one first.

Me and Danny are on a big flying boat.

And here is the gondola in Banff.

I think this is a good picture.
Here we are at Lake Louise, and Jerry is trying to catch some small fish.

That's all for now. I will post some more later.
Bye For Now ~~~~Justin

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alberta Banff Pictures

We went 2 Alberta last week and got back last was soooo much fun.
Here Are Some Pictures Of On The Was Too Banff.

I Like The Rain Bow.

I We Are On The Gondola!!

Here We Are On The Way Back 2 Lorne's House.And Here Is A 2008 Ford GT It Was Soooooo Cool.

More Rain Bow Pics

That 1 Is Kinda Bad

I Like This One
I Will Post Alot More Later Hope You Like it

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hair Cut

I keep forgetting to post my hair cut. It was shorter, but it has grown a bit. My friend Ryan (some friend) bribed me that if he could buzz my hair like his we could go shoot the 22s some more and I said yes (dumb move) Sooooo this is my hair cut......I don't like it.

P.S. Ryan Is Weird