Monday, April 13, 2009

Gopher Hunting

Yesterday I went to a friends house, the Michie's and we went gopher hunting....
We saw a gopher so we all shot at the same time. I don't know for sure who hit it, but it was still moving so I shot again and killed it. So here I am holding my trophy while David took the picture (man that looks good)
And here is My Trophy that Ryan tried to steal:P

My gun that I used was a cooey .22 repeater
O did I mention I shot the gopher?

Thanks for coming ~~~~Justin the Great


Jonathan said...

Nice shot! Looks like fun!

See ya later.

Shane Rios said...

Good shot...oh justin the great =]

Pilar Stark said...

Hi Justin, thanks for entering for my first giveaway and sharing about your fav hymn. Good luck!