Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Spy

I made this I Spy picture.

I will be posting more soon.

1. Find 2 flags

2. Find 4 giant soldiers

3. Find 4 screws

4. Find a screw-driver

5. Find a bullet

6. Find a horse

7. Find a little house

8. Find a chain

9. Find a marble

10. Find 2 workers

11. Find 5 knights

I hope you had fun with my first one

have a nice day ~~~~Justin


Deborah said...

It much easier if you click on the makes it huge!

Jonathan's Journal said...

I found everything! Cool idea.

Nick said...

I found everything to!! that was a good idea:] I wiil be waiting for your up coming I spy pictures.

Cathy said...

That's a neat post, Jonathan. I love, love, love your picture on the header! I came from the KJV site, or course. :o)
Why can't I kind the horse?!

HOPE said...

What a great idea entertaining!

I can see you enjoy ..blogging!